Congratulations Michael

Yulella Aboriginal Corporation is thrilled to announce the appointment of Michael Vlahov as our new CEO! 

This marks an exciting new chapter for Yulella as we continue to grow and support our community.

Yulella is dedicated to fostering an environment that benefits Aboriginal people by creating culturally appropriate work, enterprise opportunities, and training services throughout the Pilbara. 

Michael’s journey with us is a testament to this mission and the opportunities we strive to provide.

Michael’s story 

He first joined Yulella in 2016 as a Job Seeker through our CDP program, overcoming various challenges along the way. 

His dedication and hard work in this role quickly shone through, and by 2017, he became the Activity Supervisor for the Yulella car wash.

In this leadership role, Michael excelled and was soon promoted to SEEP Supervisor (Skills for Education and Employment Program). His passion for helping others and his commitment to learning led to a full-time position as a Case Manager. 

Michael’s journey at Yulella didn’t stop there. His exceptional skills and dedication earned him the position of Site Manager, and within a year, he was promoted to Operations Manager. 

Alongside his professional growth, Michael pursued further education, completing his Mini MBA as a stepping stone towards a full degree.

Some words from Michael

Now, with his recent appointment as CEO, Michael reflects on his incredible journey: “From a Job Seeker to now CEO, I’ve had various role models and teachers guide me. Denise helped improve my vocabulary, reading, and writing. Alison, our partner CEO, taught me the importance of continuous learning and delegation. Darryl, Philo, and the Yulella board have motivated me to keep going and shown me that hard work opens doors.”

He continues: “I didn’t have a great past, and I wanted to show people that no matter how bad things get, you can still do things if you put your mind to it.”

As Micheal prepares for this new step in his career, he aims to prioritize: 

“A happy work environment where we help one another to build ideas and develop as a team…ensuring that our Elders, Youth and Community are receiving quality assistance, job opportunities, and training that is sustainable and on-going”

The Yulella Leadership & Board team is excited to support Michael in his new role. 

We are confident in his ability to lead our organisation towards continued success and make an even greater impact in the community.

Please join us in congratulating Michael Vlahov on his well-deserved appointment as CEO!